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My farther and I will be in Seattle this September and he wants to try fly fishing. I am trying to find a lodge within 6 hours of Seattle that caters to new fly fishers. I already know how, and don’t mind sleeping on the ground, but Dad likes a bed, phone, TV, etc You get the idea, so any suggestions?




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Check out the "Destinations and Pay Lakes" link on the home page of this site, quite a few places are listed. Part of it depends on what you plan to spend. Your dad will have a better chance if he has a guide and/or plenty of easy fish.


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If you want a river experience (some beginners like the rivers more than the lakes) then you might look into the Freestone Inn in Mazama (www.freestoneinn.com). I've never fished there in September but I've seen some excellent caddis hatches in August.



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I agree with the other post that cady can be a nice lake and larry who owns the lodge is a great host (here comes the) but- the lake is not a great place to catch fish for the first time fisher in my experince- it is a great place to fish but the fish can be tempramental and the water is crystal clear. Also the water temp was 76 degrees on the surface this past weekend so i think the lake is pretty much through with safe catch and release fishing for a while. I am not certain when the lake will cool down- could be that depending when your dad is out, the lake may have cooled enough for safe fishing.


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Hi, this is my first post on the forum. I have read and enjoyed the posts for the last few months, but have been chicken to put my two cents in. My wife and I run a lodge on a private pay lake North of Omak. It's been a destination for fly fisherman for 22 years, but hasn't been marketed for the past 6. We're managing the fishery for quality numbers of Triploid, Kamloops and Brown trout. The lodge is well equiped and is a great place to stay. If this interests you check out the additional information on the following link; http://www.dreamflyfishing.com/grandmaslake.html
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