Browns Creek & Browns Lake

Hey I was wondering if I could get any info on Browns Creek or Browns Lake. They are located in the NE part of the state above Newport Washington. Has anyone fished there? If so, can you give me the lowdown? I was looking in the reg's for streams in the area and I saw that these were catch and release. Hopefully it is good fishing cause I want to check it out. Thanks for the info.!

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Browns Lake is a fly fishing only lake that contains cutthroat. It is a rough road up there and you have to pay a fee to park and those two things combine to keep the crowds down. There is a decent campground at the lake which is handy, sometimes it takes a while to figure out the hatches and it's nice to have a couple of days to break the code. It is a pretty little lake and a good rule of thumb if you haven't fished it before is black in spring, olive in summer and yellow in fall. The usual hatches of caddis, midges, etc. occur and just being observant will help you deal with what is going on. Later in the year the lake can be fished sucessfully just by walking around it and using flies that are predominently yellow. Clear water and few fishermen make this a pretty nice spot, it matters little that the fish are on the small side, there is a lot to be said for just fishing in an uncrowded environment. Tight lines up there, ive


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The fabled Royal Coachmen is always a nice backup fly if nothing else is working. I prefer a pontoon, floattube, or canoe for this little lake. However you can fish from shore, just a little tight in most places. The fish are not that big, but its not uncommon to get into the middle of a hatch and have a hayday with the little tikes :BIGSMILE .

Also if suclusion is of interest and you dont want to pay, you can drive past the campground and follow the lake to the other end. It is fairly rough but I have driven front wheel drive cars back there with no concerns. Here you will find a nice littel campground and simple lake access.

I have no experienc on the creeks or tributaries, but I think they are closed to fishing???? But I do not know for sure as I have never fished them or looked into it. Good luck and enjoy.

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