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I have property on a private lake south of Tacoma near Harts lake. Its undeveloped, no docks or manmade structures. I dont do much bass fishing but willing to make it happen. I did catch a 4-5lb largemouth a few yrs ago and some 2-3 lbers. I am looking for a local that wants to fish this lake and share some knowledge. My boat is ready. I am free-- fri sat sun.


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Billy, In the next week i will get out there and take some pics and do a temp check.
It has all the makings for a bass paradise.
I know it has extremely large grass carp and big bass. I was told it has big brown trout by a local guy, thou i havent seen any or tried to fish them. Its about 15ft deep at its max and about 80 acress?


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..or other side of the coin "left-handers" tact: An hour in the dark until sun hits the water. People pressure at it's lowest, water temps at their coolest.

Sounds promising, looking fwd to report.


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i been searching for lake to fishing bass, would be great if you can share me some resource and location to fishing bass or whatever kind of good fish. never experience fishing bass before. i'm living in tacoma, and sorry for bad english, still learning.


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Any luck out there? I wish I'd seen this post earlier. Although I'm not positive which lake your referring to, I have a good idea which lake you're talking about. (Gated community maybe?)

Concerning the bass fishing, I know all the other lakes in that area and fish them often for bass and crappie. I'd be happy to point you in the right direction to help contribute to a successful outing. PM me if you'd like.


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Sean. I am game to fish with you and share the water.

Pm sent.

It would be nice to get an idea of what works. I want to have a game plan for a productive outing if Billy makes the drive from eastern wa.

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