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We all know October is a fun special month here for fly fishing for trout. Hatches are full, fun and the last of the season. Here's what I am thinking...

Shooting for 7 total participants.

1 Pattern x 3 ties of that fly x 6 other participants = 18 flies tied per person.
You receive 6 different patterns with 3 of each.

Due the end of Labor Day week.

Anybody interested?

1. FinLuver
2. Tmik
3. thesankers
4. randy-lindahl
5. Bajema
6. John Gates
7. eplanajr
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You tie three flies of one pattern. Lets say you decide to tie a #18 Blue Wing Olive. You would tie three #18 Blue Wing Olive and mail those to me.
Perhaps I haven't had enough coffee today, but, isn't 3 x 7 = 21? (And technically you could leave yourself out, i.e. 3 x 6.)


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n=number of participants
p=number of fly patterns
f=number of each pattern per person
x=total number of flies

n=number of participants = 7
p=number of fly patterns = 1
f=number of each pattern per person = 3
x=total number of flies = 18


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