SBS Wike's Big R Bug


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A few changes to the original; not into those pre-formed bodies so went with the foam. Original also used schlappen for the hackle; didn't have any so subbed a big, webby, cape hackle. Tied here as a short-wing stone.

hook – Dai Riki 280 #8
thread - UTC 140 tan
core - 20 lb mono
under tail - elk hair
abdomen - 2mm foam tan
wing - deer hair
legs/antennae - medium rubber golden stone
thorax - Ice Dub golden brown
hackle - barred cream

put a loop on one end of the mono

mash barb, start thread at mid shank; brush on a little Super Glue and tie on mono

Clean, stack some elk hair (don't need to measure since it's going to get trimmed away); trim butts/tie in (with the thicker foam, torque can be an issue when wrapping it on bare mono; the ungulate hair helps stabilize the process)

hook the loop onto the gallows; wrap the elk up and back to the base

tie in foam strip (1/2 gap width)

brush on Super Glue, one wrap at the base, then up the mono

a little more Super Glue, then wrap back down, tie off/trim, trim elk tips; body taper's a function of spacing and tension

clean, stack, measure (tips not quite to tail) a healthy clump of deer hair ( mule used here); trim to length, tie in

tie in legs

tie in antennae

tie in (folded) hackle by tip

dub thread/dub thorax

wrap hackle, stroking fibers back; tie off/trim, whip finish, SHHAN, trim legs/antennae


Dustin Bise

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thanks for sharing this. i dont know if sam posts here to confirm, but i think the bug is usally tied with sime sort of "bug body" material . if i recall, its the "rust" colored MFC x body on the orginal.
it also had a flex wing under the hair. X-Bodies.html

to me this was important feature of the fly because once wet, it absorbed some water weight and sat heavy in the film but still had enough win bouncy to stay up hitting the banks during higher spring water.

edit: just saw that you explained the body differnce in the post. sorry.

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
I procrastinated, but once I sprung for a set of foam-cutters I was glad that I did. They render foam prep & tying oh so much easier.


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I procrastinated, but once I sprung for a set of foam-cutters I was glad that I did. They render foam prep & tying oh so much easier.


Just curious; why the reference to foam cutters? Very nice tool, for sure, but not sure where it applies on this pattern. Underwing?


Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
I use my foam cutters to make what I call foam underwings, Scott. We may have a semantics wind knot going here, lol. I finally purchased foam cutters when the tremors in my left hand made cutting foam shapes with scissors an exercise in frustration as well as a treatise in how to cut jagged lines.

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