Camera vendors new and used - Advice?


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Curious about member experiences:

right now 42nd St PHOTO is aggressively pushing ads to me (no doubt due to my browsing research and shopping) and their prices are marked down more than B&H or Adorama.

Any reason to avoid 42nd St PHOTO?

GetOlympus has markdowns on Olympus cameras.
B&H and Adorama are no better than Olympus markdowns (through Aug 4 I think) on prices.

A prominent local camera store was still at MSRP, which is hard to swallow, when Olympus themselves is running reduced prices. I did not try to haggle however, maybe I should have, in order to get to buy local.

Any advantage, service or warranty wise, to any particular purchase route.

Perhaps get the body from one place, where service or warranty would be best, and the lenses by price shopping?



Oh yeah, regarding used, I have seen positive comments on this forum for ?


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I've never bought anything from 42nd st. But this is the advice I always give people when they ask this question:

Generally, if you are seeing prices that are more that ~5% under that Amazon, Adorama, or B&H are selling for, it's a fake or scam somehow. The camera won't have accessories or will be a version that is mysteriously out of stock or some other BS. Ordering direct from manufacturers is good too, if the prices are right, though I've found that customer service is better at the other places I've mentioned.

Trust me, I have spent decades buying camera gear, I've even spent years involved with the industry, and for the most part the only places I buy new gear are Amazon/Adorama/B&H. Used gear from KEH or Midwest Photo Exchange can be good also. Glazers in Seattle and Pro Photo Supply in Portland are quality pro level shops as well. But as with anything, you aren't going to get rock-bottom prices from a brick and mortor store. Like buying a fly rod from a local shop, the hope is that the extra money you pay will come back to you in service and advice when you need it.

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I have had good luck buying new and used from kemore camera, they offer a lot of classes too. Not that is any help for you in Richaland, but costumer service from a local shop will be far more valuable than discounts from online retailer.
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I googled 42nd St photo grey market and found lots of useful information.
Happily, I had purchased my camera from another vendor in @Josh reply concerning reputable vendors.


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I have never experienced anything but good service when dealing with B&H. I have no experience with 42nd Street.

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I use BH as well (Glazers Seattle, ProPhotoSupply Portland). I don't buy used but I dont mind a refurbished deal now and then depending on the item. I got over 50 percent off the Lenovo Thinkpad laptop im posting this from and it has been awesome. For that stuff, I buy from the manufacturers refurbished shop.


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42nd Photo has been around for the 40 years I have watched their ads..they were not a good company by reputation.. unless things have changed, I'd avoid. Their reputation was always the classic bait n switch bunch.

B+H is the best, but do not expect discount-sometimes some great package deals, and they are solid, they are the Gold standard. I have brought from Adaorma at times..usually fine, no issues.

I buy a lot from KEH, and always have great experience. They sell used, but very consistent in grading. Their bargain grade equipment is a super deal.

Just my take-good luck !
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What Josh said. B&H for new. KEH ratings on used are accurate and first rate.

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