Float tube advise (for a kid)

Tyler Speir

I was wondering if anyone knows of a good float tube for kids. My daughter is turning 7 next week and I really want to get her out on the water with me. I need to find something super safe and stable. I'm looking for a smaller sized round tube that she cant slide out of. If someone knows of a model like this let me know.

Tim Lockhart

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I'd go early version of u-shaped (creek co u-boat, caddis nevada). Avoid a roundie for kids, the u-boats are safer and way easier to get in and out of, plus more comfortable. Has the stabilizer bar. They're cheap and easy to find these days. Also add a pfd...you probably know that.

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
My Kids went out in V-Boat knock-offs when they were young (maybe a year or two older than 7.). I made sure that the apron was snug & secure. Even though they had little fins, we towed them to where we would fish & kept them very close when they were off the tether. And they did wear PFDs! A round tube would eliminate the "sliding-out" concern & I doubt that a 7 year old could flip one.


Not to be confused with Freestone
I suspect any of the more popular models (those already mentioned) will work fine. Being selective on wind conditions and staying within quick response would be my priorities.


~El Pescador
when I took my young son out on the water, I had him in a roundish tube (it was a Caddis model and not truly round). He was in a life jacket. Since I was in my pontoon boat (in my avatar), I slide him between the pontoons and tied him in. I was looking over him basically. I could not fish effectively but moved him around pretty efficiently. I also secured his rod to my boat with a piece of rope just in case he dropped it or a big fish came along. Sure as heck, he hooked and landed one of the biggest Tigers I have seen come out of Lenice to date.


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