My big fish for 2017 (so far)


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Went out to a lake on the 15th for a little morning wet-wade fishing. It was pretty quiet; the power-baiters were getting a few here and there, but it wasn't crazy hot like it can be. So I dinked around a bit and got this guy after a while:

DSCN3203 - Edit.jpg

Nice bow, fought like a bad mamma-jamma. Sent it on its merry way and kept on hunting.

After a little while I found a pod of fish that were rising and said heck yeah, let's do this! So I dropped my cripple into their path.

Ever had a freight train sip your dry?
DSCN3206 - Edit.jpg
This chubster was one hell of a fight on my 5 weight; it shot out to the middle of the lake, came back, ran through some reeds and got me all tangled, rocketed back out into the middle of the lake again. And again. And again. It was awesome.

DSCN3209 - Edit.jpg

They're interesting looking fish. This was my first grass carp; I hope to tangle with some more!

DSCN3210 - Edit.jpg


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There were times when landing that thing was very much in question. It ran right through a bunch of cattails that I had to karate chop off of my line.
I've had that happen with common and mirror carp. Never have caught a grassie. Great job! They're pretty difficult to catch normally, not to mention being in very few waters.

Steve Saville

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Thanks! That was just one. We fished for three afternoon/evening sessions and while we didn't get a great number of fish, the ones we got were all over 16" ; most above 18". That's a heck of a dry fly fishery.

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