FS Sage ZAxis 9 wt 9' Custom fly rod

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For Sale:- A 9 weight , 9" 4 piece fly rod. Custom wrapped by the Anglers Habitat fly shop. The rod has seen very little use. It IS in excellent shape and shows well. (no nicks) I'm fussy and have treated the rod as such. The components are of an upgrade from a stock rod. The Anglers Habitat in Idaho will warranty the rod so you would have that as a good source should the need ever arise. Asking $ 450.00 for the rod, (as suggested by the Anglers Habitat shop.
If there is interest I'll send pictures.
There is also a 9 wt Sa Mastery series magnum textured WF9F 100' mist green fly line included.

David 360.739.4238


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