That's No Good!


I can't believe that I did so well catching big LMB at the farm lake and now it sucks.

Went out again today (didn't want to take the hour drive both ways to fish for trout) and was rewarded with a single 7-inch bass for my efforts.

I did see something that made my heart drop and most likely the reason the catch rate has take a drive.

Swimming across the lake was a family of otters! Otters! Not much can wipe out all the fish in a lake like a family of otters.

Damn. Well, that explains that. I have no idea how long the otters have lived at the lake so they may have had lots of time to eat all my bass.

The first two hours on either side of sunrise/sunset. The otters may have wreaked havoc. I know they will wipe out a small stream. Hopefully there was somewhere to hide in the pond for some bass.
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There's also osprey at the lake but I never see them dive for fish. I suppose there are places for the bass to hide but that makes things very difficult for me to find them and if they are already paranoid due to the otters, they will be difficult to catch even if I do find them.


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