Trout Spey.. Do you have one, your opinion??

Do you trout Spey? If you do what rig do you have and how do you like it? What action is your rod; Fast, medium, or slow action?

I would like to throw 1.5-2.5in streamers. What are your suggestions?
Currently in the trout spey line-up:

Anderson 11'7" 3 wt Elite

Anderson 11'7" 4 wt Elite

Anderson 12'1" 5 wt Nova

Beulah 11'7" 5 wt Platinum

Burkheimer 11'5" 5 wt Classic

Along with converted single handers.

They all have a specific use and they all perform well. :)

Nice lineup!

For recommendations, I like the ACR 1173 for most of my trout fishing. Very light for a "spey" rod, progressive action, and just a bunch of fun to fish. If I'm fishing heavier flows, or throwing bigger streamers, I prefer the ACR 1215. The rod has a more beef to throw T tips, and bigger flies, and is still lots of fun to fish. I personally don't like to bog down the 1173(or any light trout spey) with all that junk, because it's such a sweetheart using lighter heads/tips.

I have the Angler's Roost 3/4 with a 200gr rio Skagit trout max, 25lb Berkley big game solar collector running line. I have caught 25" + steelhead on it. It handles trout well and throws streamers awesome. I would rate it at medium action. Very fun rod!
I've got an Anderson 12'1" 5wt Nova and it is a gem. Had Steve Godshall build a custom turbo tip and that adds a little versatility but I find myself seldom using it as the original works just fine. For throwing streamers, particularly larger and weighted bugs, I tend to favor a skagit head and tips to suit the circumstances. My go to streamer setup is an SA skagit extreme 360 with 10'-12' of T8. Super crisp off the tip but still has the balls to move a decent sized fly. Great fun. The action is a touch on the fast side of medium - progressive. You could probably make most actions work if you get the line pairing worked out just right, but you are probably best to find the action style that fits your stroke.

For a shorter setup a buddy of mine has a TFO 11' 6wt switch that is absolutely money with a 300gr Commando with tips or polys. Super cool little setup. I've also built my own heads (skagit and scandi) for most of my single handers as well to fit specific situations. Spey casting for trout opens up whole new worlds in fishing situations and is way more versatile than most realize.


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First thing to look at with "Trout Spey"class rods is primary water and fish size, then the tact your looking to employ. Dry lines - light flies vs skagit and tip with bigger bulkier ties ..and anything in between. Is it BIG water in a known wind tunnel? Or smaller more intimate and sheltered in a wooded valley?

My home river is pretty good sized down lower. I'm looking to cover water on BIG gravel bars / quick riffle pockety type stuff, not to deep. Two rods in the collective I consider 'Trout Spey' genre. Both are fished with similar leaders, tips and flies.

Beulah Classic 4/5 - Airflo 40+ 6wt is money for long mono / light poly with soft hackle(s) and small - mid Sz Bucktails, riffle hitched Muddlers, etc.. Wulff Ambush 6wt with any poly and T-10 tips up to 10' - Woolhead sculpin flies to 3.5 inch plenty doable.

CND Speytracker 12'2" 4/5. Kind of a moderate action full flex blank, ultra light physical weight. Not a rod for fish over about 3lbs, especially in heavier waters. Ballistic Vector 4/5 for my 'long' line, 320gr 23' integrated 'tip driver' with 8' - 10' T-10 and same sculpin type flies described above. Picked up an Airflo Compact Scandi 300gr which has proven VERY pleasant to fish / cast. Would love to try RIO Scandi-Short Versi-Tip in 5wt.. believe it could be a 'do it all head kit' for this rod and what I do

Cool thread.. it's fast getting that time here. LOVE the far and fine dry line fishing late summer into fall.

Early winter Brown that chomped the Sculpin. This water is ultra soft and fish was all I wanted on the little CND.



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Just got into trout spey recently after having less than desirable results fishing for bigger game on the big heavy 7, 8, 9, and 10wt spey rods....

So far for trout, mountain whitefish, pinks, giant browns, SRC:
Fast action 4wt Redington Hydrogen 12' Spey for swinging, dries, nymph - primary line: OPST head w/ floating, intermediate and sink tips.

Moderate action 5wt G Loomis PRO4X 10' switch rod versatile for casting all kinds of lines: single hand 7/8 wt for floating dries & mending, scandi for dry-dropper, Rage scandit for wind cutting scandi landing, Skagit for swinging big flies subsurface, OPST for tight areas and does every type of fishing.

Next rod may be a 3wt switch for Euro / Czech nymphing using two tone line indicator nymph fishing....

Weber river brown on a 4wt spey:


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That Winston should be sweet - great switch rod length for single or 2 handed casting and perfect for minimal mending while nymphing ...


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That Winston should be sweet - great switch rod length for single or 2 handed casting and perfect for minimal mending while nymphing ...
It's going to end up being person choice, but I agree with 4sallypat. I regularly use my Winston 3wt and 5wt micro spey rods. For me, they are by far the smoothest (least effort) casting rods I own.


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I have an Anderson 12'1 5wt Trout Spey built in 2006 on a Burkheimer blue blank. Over the last dozen years I've owned several of Gary's rods but I've sold them all except for the trout spey. I love that rod. If you can find one with a Burkie blank, don't pass on it. Great medium action and can handle sink tips for when I use it for late summer runs on Columbia river tribs in November.
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