Trout Spey.. Do you have one, your opinion??


Joe from PA
He sure did. And when I broke the tip section ferrule a few years later I waited about 6 months before Gary could get the rod fixed because it took so long for Kerry to roll another blank.
I have a 3/4 from Anglers Roost Enterprises. I lined it with a DT6F. Works for what I occasionally use it for.
I also have a 3/4 from anglers Roost and a Cabelas 5wt. I love both of them.

The ARE 3/4 with a 7 wt. Orvis Bank shot works very well for the larger streamers used with this rod... sculpzilla, dolly lama, and similar sized flies. I use a 210 grain scandi for soft hackles, micro leaches and similar size flies. The Rio Scandi body in 230 grains or the 200 grain trout skagit handles cone headed bugger and small chubby muffin flies very well and should be well suited for what you describe. I use mine for bass on the lower Yakima and trout in rivers like the St. Joe or Deschutes.

The cabellas 5 wt. LSI and a skagit switch in 360 grains handles everything that you indicate that you want to fish. I find it works well with a 350 gr steelhead scandi and a 300 grain commando head as well. As I improved my casting I think the 360 skagit is a tad heavier than I would use now. I recently picked up a 5 wt. Scandi intermediate body and have paired it a matched set of tips and it will handle the cone headed crystal bugger type flies very well. I also really like this rod for larger trout and bass---the life time warrantee also came in handy one spring when I caught a large sucker in fast water. Watch for it to go on sale this fall for around $150.

I have gotten to where I really prefer the two handed rods and frequently leave my single handlers home even when they would work very nicely on smaller much so I recently built another 3/4 in a 7' 9" rod. I highly recommend getting into the trout spey game, it is a blast.

The photo is the first fish, first cast fishing with the ARE 3/4 12 foot rod.
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Love them. My shoulder is soooo happy now.
Same here - love the trout spey compared to single handers by far!

Just got back from fishing the Uinta mountain rivers in Utah with my new G Loomis PRO4X 5wt switch rod and caught some beautiful cutties, rainbows and brookies.

Thread with photos posted on Trips w/ pix forum.


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So, question for you brown trout Spey guys. What presentation do u use with your sculpin patterns? Standard steady swing? Or do u impart action like when stripping streamers? I'll be giving it a try in Idaho in October.


Anywhere ~ Anytime
If your on decent numbers at all the fish will tell you. I key off water temp big time.. colder it is (45* and down well into 30's F) the lower and slower I want the fly swimming. Froggy water, slack sides of seams and my favorites.. long even slow flow deeper runs.

Often have had non committal "nippers" on the slow swing where once you get that first inkling one is looking at or licking on your fly start the even "teaser strips" sometimes they'll pile it hard.

In short just play with it.


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There are lots of great options now. Make sure to check out the new SA Scandi lites for soft hackle and top water game. Their new Skagit lite heads are amazing also. SA really stepped up this year and will be the top dog in trout spey lines in 2018.
I have a redington dually 5wt switch that I use for trout swinging, but I like it better for dry line summer and fall's just a little too heavy to be fun on fish under 15". I would love to get a dedicated 3 or 4wt trout switch for rivers where smaller residents and larger anadromous fish are not intermixed, but fact is that most of the rivers I fish with a swinging method have a few chromers cruising around for much of the year...
Coho.jpeg I have a Meiser 12'6" Highlander Classic: S2H12635C-4 Trouter custom made from a friend of mine. Great rod with a moderate/fast action. So far this is the largest fish I have caught on this rod, great flex and felt plenty of power through the rod, never doubted it for a moment.
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