King Lake Report

My dad and i went up to king lake to scope things out up there, and there some real jumbos in there . I fished from about 10 to 2 with a dozen fish landed. We were using indicators with an olive scud about 6 feet below. There is some pics down there of a few fish from the day.



Team Infidel
I was also up there with Backyard and the group fishing from my pram yesterday. The fishing was outstanding. I worked an egg-sucking leech early and went to a chromie when the water warmed a bit. I would say half of the strikes I got on the chromie started with a vicious attack on my indicator and the fish would then hit the fly on the way down. If you suffer heart problems this is not where you want to fish. Many thanks to Backyard for clearing the ice to start the day. It was also nice to meet other WFF members and put together names and faces.