I went south instead of north


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I have had limited success on my favorite carp waters the past month or so. From where I park, the hike to the lake is a quarter mile or so. Nine times out of ten I wade north from the lakeside starting point. Habit, I guess. Usually I find fish but after the last four outings and only one day where I could find any fish I'd begun wondering if the fish were seeking different water or if there was some kind of kill.
Hard to imagine a carp kill in water as clear and clean as this reservoir.

Going south was a good choice. The invasive weed in the center of the picture was where I struck my fourth carp of the day. The fish was nosing rocks around looking for a meal. He mistook my size 12 olive jig for something delicious; a crayfish, caddis nymph, goose turd, who know?

Fair hooked!

Nothing like carp lips: I like halibut cheeks but think I'll pass on these.

Sayonara. This one headed for deep water after I pulled the fly from his upper lip. The water was 72°F, too hot for trout but perfect for carp on the flats. They're tough when the water is this warm, tough = bad, mean, strong, kick a$$.

Time got away from me today, not a bad thing. It was 94°F outside when I got back to my truck. Wet wading the reservoir kept me cool. Ten carp fooled but only four landed. The best one was the last one. I was heading back to my truck when I spotted a nice fish in six inches of water, his dorsal was wiggling above the surface. This fish was busy rooting. I had a bass popper on so quickly cut if off and knotted on a new jig. Stripping line off I managed to gauge the distance perfectly and laid the fly quite gently about a foot from the fishes head. He turned, ate and I broke him of on the set. Weak 3X? (bad knot),


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Man I wish I lived closer to that place - clear, dense weed-free shallows are non-existent down here.
Pretty amazing that there's so much shoreline that you can easily wade, weed free, and sight cast.

I have long wished there was some way that Moses Lake algae bloom could be controlled so I could target carp there but the lake is greener than the grass under my walnut tree. But then, Moses Lake is home to the rainbrowncuttrout or some such thing.


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Great report Pat.
When will we see the "Golden Boner Goose Turd" pattern make its debut in the what's in your vise thread? :D

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That is unweighted - more of a "hover turd," but I doubt it floats. A white or yellow foam head on each end would cure that. When are we going (right answer is "When it's not 100+ outside," lol.). We could throw all kinds of crap . . .


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Wet wading, Jim. Cool water, get too hot, sit down. Can you imagine? My first carp on a dry fly and the pattern is a floating goose turd? I'm probably going in the morning..... sending a PM

Jim Ficklin

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Have fun & do be careful in the heat, Pat. I have a Doc appointment (I feel great - I think he just misses me:D). Actually, it's a routine check-up so he is comfortable refilling a couple prescriptions (or he needs help buying a new Mercedes). Whatever . . . last time I saw him he said: "We haven't seen you for over a year." "That could be because I feel good & haven't been sick, Doc."

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