SBS Deceiver Herring

Little update on this. I hadn't tied any more of these since last season. Saw the last one while digging through my box the other day and tied it on. I think this is my favorite fly fishing for salmon from the beach. It has SO much movement while stripping it in. It's quite dense up front and with the weight of the fish mask it darts flutters and hovers all over the place while retrieving. Left right up down wiggle....just great movement. It also has a nice big bold profile which I think is helpful in low light. It's also hooked (and lost) my two biggest fish in the last two years. An adult king last year and a 10+ lb coho this season.

As for the lost I said in the SBS, use a bigger hook. I'm going to tie the next batch on a 1/0 SC15 (they run small and it's more of a true size 1 I'd say).
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