Fidalgo Cranberry Lake

Not the Cranberry Lake (south of Deception Point) But the lake with the same name just north on Fidalgo Island. Waiting for my tube to be delivered I took my spinning rod to this lake today. So.... A silver spinner hooked a few small (11"-4") Large Mouth Bass and a couple of perch. Beautiful lake, Bald eagles, fog , orange light from the smoke and killer mountain bike trails. I left the lake happy but perplexed. Why no trout? Brown trout would dominate this lake. Are there bigger bass there? With small bluegill and perch to eat surely some of these bass must thrive and get big? I would like to try out my tube (first time and all) on this lake, a tube should I try poppers, wooly buggers, leeches or patterns that imitate juvenile perch or bluegills? So, being obviously clueless, can any of you folks give me some clues? Cheers, Jim
Troll early or late down deep, get used to kicking in your tube....anything else would be a bonus! The water temps aren't favorable for trout right now. Good luck, be safe!

Shawn West

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Jim...With the water temps being as warm as they are right now, I would suggest fishing the low light hours with poppers, divers, or sliders. These are all top water flies. LMB are ambush predators. Focus on cover (fallen timber, points, weed lines, boulders etc) If the top water action is not happening, switch to streamers and bait fish patterns. With any pattern you throw, be sure to mix up the retrieve until you figure out what the fish prefer. Long pauses are not a bad thing. If you feel anything odd, set the hook. Remember, these are not trout. Set the hook like you mean it. If you get a strike on top water, say "set the hook" prior to setting the hook, or wait until you actually feel the fish. You want the bass to turn prior to setting the hook. Good luck and have fun with your tube.