2-19-05 Yak report -- Red's to Lmuma


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Started the commute around 5:45am and hit George around 7:45 to meet the Fly n' dutchman (Steve). Hope you enjoy the rod Steve and it was a pleasure to meet you :thumb:

Met up with Scott (gotchasr) at the Bar 14 restaurant in Ellensburg around 9:00am. Travis (TWD) was kind enough to meet up with us and deliver a brand new used boat to my old man. Thanks Travis......and we'll have to meet up once you get the new boat ;) . Your old boat floated great and the old man is ecstatic.....Thanks!!!

Hit the river at Red's around 11:30(ish). Fished above Reds for a few minutes but to no avail. A fella right bellow the launch on the opposite side of the river was hooking up every few minutes on skwala nymphs. Stopped at a few different sections and had some decent luck for a february. Sun was out, temps were warm, water was cold, and the whitey's saved the day ;) Scott landed several decent bows, my old man landed one nice bow and one small bow, and I landed a healthy 18-19 bow. We all had our share of whitey's as well. Used #14 mosquito larvae and copper johns. Tried the whole skwala/stonefly nymph thing, with no luck. They liked the small stuff.

All in all it was great day with great company. Got to meet a few new people and float the yak for the first time. Its a beautiful little river, however for the 3 hours it takes to drive over, I think I'll stick to Idaho....they have real trees over there :p

No pictures....we tried to but the digital camera kept complaining. Turns out it wanted a memory card to function.....and that memory card happened to be back home in the memory card reader hooked up to the computer :beathead: . Oh well.
Sounds like a good time. Thanks for the invite to join, but I didn't get out til late in the morning. My first time doing the Yak as well.

WOO-WOOOOO!!!! I just hit 200 posts!!! Look out ole' Man, I'm moving up in the world!! :beer2: ptyd


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strong work patrick,
sorry my advice didnt produce for you! :confused: ahh...but what do I know.....

I am glad you had a good time.....


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Well I guess my lunch time choice to stay by Cle Elum and see what happens this afternoon proved to be wrong, :beathead: there was insect activity all day and I threw the box at them (after all the flies in it failed) and no takers on the box either, next time canyon here I come
Sorry I missed out on the trip, I should have came. After I slept in until 10 I was kicking myself all day for not making the drive. Glad to hear you had some success.