Bonneville Numbers


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I think there are rainbows. This photo could be one or is it steel that hasn't gone to sea. This one was in great shape but only 17"s. Do some hang around a year or so the head out? I have witnessed steel spawning. There is some spawning habitat for bows but not a ton IMO. View attachment 148003 I wonder about the 12">22" fish that are pure chrome?

There is more than one trib in the mix though some years there is not enough flows in some of them.
Dude, is that a popper in his mouth? That would be awesome.


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Dude, is that a popper in his mouth? That would be awesome.
No popper but... but... several years go a steelie came right up and put it's nose on a popper my friend was throwing on my favorite seam on the Columbia. I totally believe they would take one. The fly I think you are seeing is about 5.5 inch Murdich Minnow..blueish?

Tim Ihle

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I'm quite happy I was wrong about the numbers over Bville. I'll keep prayin as well as doing my rain dance daily to appease the Gods. Last summer I had one of my best seasons ever .....but this seasons looks far different though I have hooked several nice chrome hogs so far.

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