South Fork Clearwater in February...Tips?

Gabriel Burgi

doesn't live in WA anymore :(
First, let me say thanks to all who answer my Idaho questions. I realize this is and always will be WFF, but Idaho just doesn't have a cool site like this one.

I am hitting the South Fork Clearwater soon, and I was looking for some advice (I'm going with a few gear guys and would like to show them a thing or two). Has anyone fished it in February? The flows look like they will be around 400-450 CFS, and temps are fairly cold (around 40 degrees or so).

I will fish for anything, and I am known to switch from steelies to trout to whitefish, depending on the bite. I was thinking of trying a double nymph & indicator rig. Maybe a GRHE or PT, with a glo-bug or copper John as the dropper.

Then again, I have a box full of "Pwoens specials" that actually belong on the GR, but they keep tempting me to throw them now...

Any info would be appreciated.

- Gabe :ray1:


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I fishin it this saturday if you want to meet up. I fish the same black and orange patterns on that river as well.....same technique as the Ronde, tuc, methow, ect... If it aint broke, dont fix it ;)

Drop me a line if you want to meet up?? Oh wait, is it open :p

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