Finally float tubed


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Last night (after a 12 hour work day), my tube (Cumberland) and pump were waiting for me outside my door. So I rallied, had a shot of whiskey and pumped it up. No waders yet so running shoes and diving fins had to do. Cranberry Lake on Fidalgo and a green wholly bugger. First 5 minutes just finned around then went back to my truck and got my fishing gear. All I can say is WOW. Lots of small LMB but now it's"game on." Got some poppers, bunny leaches and clousers in the mail today so I'm thinking Heart Lake in the morning. Starting off with warm water species but I'm in training for Pass Lake in a few weeks. Thanks to all you folks that helped me get this far. Jim


Jim, if you're using a round tube instead of an open front job... you might think about an upgrade before you go any further. I started with a Caddis round tube (that was the only style available in those days... in fact it used a truck tire inner tube) then I went to an open front style when they came out. When SuperCat showed up, they were expensive but sold enough articles to buy one. I liked it so much I bought another one about 10 years ago to go along with my fleet.

Over the years I've owned a Caddis round tube, a Caddis open front tube, two open front Buck's Bags, a SuperCat, a Buck's Bags Bullet, a Creek Company open front tube, a Scout (my wife's Buck's Bags small pontoon boat) , a JW Outfitters Renegade full size pontoon boat, and a JW Outfitters San Juan pontoon boat. But I use my SuperCat the most.

So I've had experience with a lot of different styles of personal floating craft. Eventually you'll most likely end up with a pontoon boat.


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After 3 days of using a float tube I can say this....... been there done that.
Good morning, Jim. Not sure if "been there done that" means you're done with it or just saying you've done it. Hopefully the latter. I can almost taste autumn (we got rain last night for the first time in nearly 3 months) and fall fishing from a tube can be very rewarding. DSCF0086.JPG
Mike with his duct tape held together float tube and a 20-incher


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Actually I was (subtly) referencing the need for zippered waders. I can honestly say that fishing from a tube is some of the funnest fishing I have ever done. My teardrop shaped Cumberland, Crosswater waders, and an old 5 weight fly rod makes for a very addictive combination. It seems almost like magic to (almost ) effortlessly work any part of the lake. Peaceful, quiet and effective, sitting in the tube feels like I am "one with the lake". Looking forward to getting back out later this week (probably Pass and Whistle) makes my heart sing. Cheers, Jim

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