NFR Official 2017 NCAA College Football Thread


Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater....Know Grizzler
The season kicks off in 15 days from tomorrow.
The best sport to watch in my opinion and it means the best season...fall, is right around the corner.

Two PAC 12 teams play on opening night, August 26th.
Oregon State vs Colorado St and Stanford vs Rice.

We had good participation in last years thread.
Feel free to talk some shit about your alma mater, favorite program or programs (ND sucks) you dislike.

Screw is right around the corner.

Go Dawgs!



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UM coming to town Sep 9. Got my tickets already, really looking forward to the game...GO GRIZ!

Eric Johnson

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Being I have two boys on separate teams, I'll be pulling for CWU and WOU. Not sure how I'll be able to attend games with youth football on Saturday afternoons and Varsity Stats on Friday nights. At least a lot of the games are streamed now days

Go 'Cats, Go Wolves and Go Seahawks (Peninsula)!


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In order to start this thread off on the right footing... Fear the Chaun!!

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Perhaps not the worst overall, but without question, THE most annoying mascot in the NCAA.

Oh, well. My alma mater's mascot stands (which is a miracle, considering the calming drugs he must be on) on the sideline and shits, and I suppose that's not much more noble....

Hook 'em Horns! (May you NOT suck this year.)

And, since I've lived in Western WA longer than anywhere else in my life at this point, Go Dawgs!


Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater....Know Grizzler
Six days till kick-off!
Even felt a bit like fall on the beaches the past two mornings.


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It really did feel like early fall this weekend. More bite to the evenings and mornings and warm yet still fall feeling afternoons. The only problem with fall is how short it is! Go Dawgs!

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