NFR Official 2017 NCAA College Football Thread


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Coug here, and I have always been a big Baldwin fan. Could not believe the Beavs didn't hire him two years ago. I was actually bummed to hear they were hiring him now as I've thought of him as a back-up if Leach leaves...
I wonder if the Paul Wulff experience would stop the Cougs from hiring Baldwin should Leach leave.
I hope not, as I think he is a much better coach.


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I heard someone say that SEC schools are firing coaches right and left because they're looking for someone who can beat Nick Saban. But the irony is that they're paying more to the fired coaches than Alabama is paying the actual Nick Saban.

And the other irony is that no one wants to take a job in the SEC because they'll be expected to be the guy who will beat Nick Saban.


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Several games this coming weekend could further stir up the already muddy waters. The right combination could have Notre Dame playing PSU in the New Years Six. I like both teams, so I can't lose on that one. No mention of the puppies being there.
I always wondered about the coaches poll. Who came up with that idea? "Let's get the one group of people who are definitely too busy on Saturdays to watch more than 1 football game, and have them rank all the teams, top to bottom."
They have a great network and watch a lot of film. Even the selection committee has some real questionable members.