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For sheer entertainment value this year's coaching silly season is the best in decades! Other than seeing guys stuff $100 bills in a girls crotch at a strip club where have you seen so much spending with so few results? They have seemingly learned nothing from the Charlie Weis debacle at Notre Dame. Weis-fired in 2009-continued to receive pay from ND into 2015 pocketing almost 19 million dollars for his impersonation of a head coach. I see the same mistakes being made as you read this. For guys that represent institutions of higher learning college prez and AD's are some dumb sons of bitches.
But does he still want Leach as the HC? I don't think he does. I think Leach is getting Currie to come to WSU as our new AD, since Currie and Shultz have history.


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Glad I turned off Oklahoma blowing out TCU to tuned into UCF and Memphis.
No defense but a very entertaining game. Second OT coming up.
B-8 championships yesterday. Here is some offense!

Maguire Isaak’s 611 total yards, 12 TDs lifts Almira/Coulee-Hartline to 1B state title over Sunnyside Christian, 84-60

84-60, a Football score !



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I’m looking forward to what Scott Frost can do with the Cornhuskers.
Having Nebraska be relevant in college football is always a good thing in my book.

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