NFR Official 2017 NCAA College Football Thread


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Emergency! I just saw that the Husky game is on the Pac - 12 Network. I can't figure out what channel that is. Took us forever last night to find Fox sports 1 and the Cougar game on channel 620. I think we have 10,000 friggin' cable channels and only ever watch maybe 6 of them.

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I realize they have totally different philosophies and systems, but Nick Saban has had the same level of success producing NFL-caliber QBs as Leach. NFL QB position is probably the most challenging job in all of sports. And there is a long, long history of QBs who were dominant in college that failed miserably at the next level, as well as guys who didn’t do much to distinguish themselves in college that went on to good to great success in the NFL (Exhibit 1 being Tom Brady). If there is a major correlation between NFL success at that position and any particular college coaches, I haven’t seen it. The notion that any college coach is magically capable of producing NFL QBs is laughable.

I think there are plenty of things to legitimately criticize Leach for, but that one is lame.


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Has anyone noticed the Cotton Bowl isn't being played at the Cotton Bowl? Glad I didn't have tickets. Probably would have gone to the wrong place.

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