NFR Official 2017 NCAA College Football Thread


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Can no one in the Pac-12 play defense? Penn St punted, maybe, twice. Force 3 or 4 punts, different game.

Good game, though. Had a chance.


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It never really felt like the dachshunds were in this game, never had a lead, never got anything consistent going, all stats and such aside.....didn't ever appear they were going to win.


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I'm glad they kept it respectable. I'm not sure anyone believed they had a chance to tie the game on the last play after the first quarter. Had Pettis seen Gaskin behind him, he might have taken it to the house. I like Browning but it is obvious that his past receiving corps have helped him get the stats he's achieved so far. The pass offense suffered this year with the losses to NFL and injury. But the bigger difference was on the offensive and defensive lines for each team. Penn State simply controlled the game through their line play better than UW. I liked Penn State uniforms as a kid and it appears they have been able to put the atrocities of the past behind them.


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I really don't think Browning is very high on the list of best UW quarterbacks in history, regardless of what any stats might show.
Not at all. Big stats last year were all John Ross. Huskies were kinda thin on receivers this year. Pettis and ... there's Pettis. Do we know why he didn't play today?
Big Ten killing it.

Pac 12 conference of champions. . .not so much. Not like the Pac teams sucked or anything, just got matched up against a bunch of really tough battle-tested opponents. Just be glad you don't have to play those guys every year!


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