NFR Official 2017 NCAA College Football Thread


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Arguably the hardest working player in the NBA... ever. If you were not a Lakers fan back then (I was not), Rambo was a RPITA.
I liked Rambis as a player. He gave a lot of us hope that you didn't need to have huge skills to play in the NBA. Hard work, hustle, and dedication to team could still get you championships. Didn't necessarily need looks either.
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Good luck Georgia.

A little sore the Big Ten isn't represented, but we beat each other up and didn't deserve it this year. I'm hoping for a close game. Predictions?



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Georgia - 24 - Bama 17
I think Georgia's run game will be key. They need to stick with it and keep pounding the ball.
Georgia's D should stack the box. Contain Bama's run game and Jalen Hurts scrambles.
Make Hurts try to win the game with his arm, which I don't think he can.

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