NFR Official 2017 NCAA College Football Thread


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I like Jake Browning. But he's not a guy who can put a team on his back. He's more of a Huard-class QB. More that adequate. Will make some plays and get you wins. But not the field general this program should attract going forward.

Early last year there were some rumblings about Browning being a Heisman candidate. I thought, really? John Ross brings three times as much to the table as Jake.

Coach Pete is putting together a perennial top-10 program. He shouldn't have too much trouble attracting top-tier QBs. Browning was certainly that coming out of high school. Huskies did a good job of getting him to play here. But, onward and upward.
Everybody loved Jake until after the USC game in 2016. He sustained a significant injury during the game that was never made public ( I still have friends in the organization ). Jake still helped us get to the playoffs and we were the better team in the 2nd. half against Bama...Saban's own words. His offseason surgery was deemed a 'success', but he wasn't the same this last year. Neither was the team....too many are playing in the NFL. Jake has his shortcomings: slightly built, a slow delivery and now a serious injury to his throwing arm. If someone supplants Jake next year, I'm down with it. If not, be grateful he's behind center, but never underestimate this young man.