Lone Lake and Yakima this weekend...

I fished Lone Lake on Saturday 2/19 with a bit of luck, two decent fish on olive and burgundy mohair leeches and one larger rainbow on an olive chironomid pattern. I am rather new at fishing chironomid so I lost a few on the hook set. :hmmm: The weather was great when the sun was out but the water was still cold holding around 42 degrees on the top three feet.
I worked the lower canyon of the Yakima on Sunday from 11:35 – 4:45, a little overcast at times with a water temp of 39 degrees (if I am remembering right, should write that stuff down). Due to lack of funds for a pontoon or drift boat I am forced to wade so I have a few hot spots that I try to work regularly. I found a minimal amount of stone flies in the section of water I worked with an even smaller amount of mayfly nymphs ranging in size of 18 to 20. I tried to focus on runs that dropped into deeper water so I could adjust presentation methods to hit fish that were stratified at different levels. I fished a #12 Prince Nymph or a Bloody Mary and a San Juan Worm as a dropper. The fishing was great! I had about five white fish, and about eight or nine rainbows a few of which were I the 15-18 inch range. I tried to strike anything that moved my indicator, the hits were very subtle.
The Yakima should be great in two to three weeks, saw quite a few boaters so it could be crowed out there this spring. I should be out there this Sat/Sun if you see a green Honda and a black baseball hat come say hello.

*Sorry I don't post more I don’t have a computer at home and I think my work ‘spies’ on my internet usage….sneaky punks! (now I am sure to get fired) :beathead:
Thanks for the report. I agree, the Yakima should be rocking this spring as the warmer temps arrive. The lack of snowpack, while not a good thing in general, will probably mean lower flows on the Yakima all year.
Wow, should have hit the Yakima. Sounds like you had it dialed in. Went to Lone Lake yesterday and got nada. Others said they caught a couple fish but not fast.

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