First time going to the Stilly, how and where to go?

Hello, I'm going to the Stilly for the first tomorrow on foot by myself. I'm coming from Tacoma, where is the best access,exit from freeway etc.
I would appreciate a high detail of direction if all possible. I'm not going there to expect to land anything, just want to get familiar with that river. I'm tired of the cheesey local rivers .
I have NEVER caught a Steelhead on a fly, let alone a Steelhead period! But this is now my new obsession!
I have caught 3-4 lb "Runaway Bus" Trout, but I cannot imagine a Steelhead on a fly! That must be 10x more exciting!
More like a runaway "Space Shuttle" on a fly!??
All help would be appreciated!

Thankyou! :THUMBSUP
check out Dennis Dickson's site

You could also talk to Mike Kinney at Creekside Angling Co in Issa, he guides up there as well. You might want to spend a few hundred and take a guided trip??

He guides up there and has some articles on the site.

Also there is some info in Greg Thomas's Washington Flyfishing book

My Washington Gazetteer is worn and tattered...the best way to explore! A MUST HAVE!

have fun
Take the Arlington exit off I-5. Go east to Arlington and follow the signs for Hwy 530 and/or Darrington. 530 follows the north fork. There are enough pullouts and bridge crossings to fill a day. One thing about the north fork is that you can walk a lot of it. There's always a good drift within walking distance if you're not impressed with what you see from the road.
Above advise all good. Just came back from a trip to Washington that included a good day on the Stilly. My first trip there. Went out with Dennis Dickson for a day two days before on the Sky - money well spent. (he's not paying me to say that either!) Learned what I needed to know to get into fish. Still have this huge grin on my face. Now if I can just master that spey cast. My arm was sore for three days afterward. Stop by Hook, Line and Sinker in Smokey Point and get some flies - ask for the "dennis dickson" flies. All are good. Got sink tips? Several recent posts on where to fish. Good luck!