Wade fishing the Yakima River or rivers near Yakima


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Hey guys I live up in Spokane and am headed to Yakima for a few days. Any pointers on points of access for wade fishing the Yak? If you have any other suggestions for wadeable rivers in the Yakima area I'm open. Thanks for the help.

Scott Salzer

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Above Ellensburg, heading west, take hgy 10, pick your spot. Some high bank, to very high bank, some close to the road. Note to self, step gently in wading boots on the very dry grass.

Some nice access south of eburg, towards Yakima. Take the road along the river, not the main highway, stick close to the river in the lower canyon.

You may still subject to the bikini hatch.


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won't be able to wade for long distances, but should be able to pop in and out of areas. Yes high banks in some areas, edge will creep up on you fast. I haven't spent a lot of time in the upper yak, but seems more accessible with these flows.


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Lots of areas you can fish without even getting your feet wet. Think rip rap.
Fish upstream with your flies as close to the bank as possible. Fish the softer seams behind ever rock that sticks out and creates soft water.
There are places you can wade where the water isn't too fast or deep while walking upstream.
Personally, I like the section between Eberg and Cle Elum for doing this.
A mountain bike can open up some options for you on the opposite side of Hwy 10.
Good luck,

Chic Worthing

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Greg Smith hit the nail on the head. The Naches is a great river for wading and the highway 12 and then 410 parallels the river with easy access. Planning a trip there this coming week. It is quicker for me to fish the Naches than to drive down the canyon to fish the Yakima. Highway 410 is in National forest land and no problem with access.


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Thanks guus for all the info. I headed out on the Naches on Friday and had a good day. Beautiful little river and perfect for wet wading.

Tight lines everyone!

Bill Keeler

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My report on the Yakima River this weekend.

My son and I floated the river on Saturday, we were amongst hundreds of tubers. The tubers were so thick, we could not launch our boat at Bighorn, a paid launch site. Too many people, tubes and coolers to even get to the launch. Along came the 'bro launch'. Six college bros offered to carry my Clackacraft to the water, and they did! Everyone cheered them on and we got our boat in the water.

Not your classic drift on the Yak, however, everyone had fun. We caught a few small fish, rescued a couple of tubers and caught a few beers along the way.

Back to the subject at hand.....
I waded the river on Sunday. It was flowing about 3800 cfs and full to the banks. Not much room to wade. The predictions call for a substantial change, so things will improve for wading.


Good luck and be safe.
Bill Keeler

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