Sage RPLx Blank

I just bought an old Sage RPLx saltwater blank - a 2 piece, 8 foot 9 inch, 8 weight. I'd never heard of Sage making a blank of this lenght in this model but the rod maker I bought it from assures me they did for a few years. Comments?
The Sage blank was delivered today. It was straight, true and, at $70, too good to pass up. Of course at this price it was a "demo" blank with no warranty. At lunch I bought the rest of the components from OrDella Rods in Hazel Dale (N. Vancouver). Everything, removable fighting butt, anodized reel seat, winding check, stainless steel snake guides and tip top was $49 including tax. So I'm in a Sage Saltwater Rod, an older model for sure, for $120. With a little luck, I break it in on dorado this summer :)


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i think you got a good deal. I bought a RPLXi 9ft9wt blank recently. I think half the fun of building a blank, is all the "planning" I do when contemplating the components. Mine is gloss black and I would love to see a dorado next to it.

I'm headed to the Florida Keys in a few months, but I'll be fishin from my kayak. , so no dorado for me.


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$70!!! That sounds like a steal. You will have to post a pic when you get 'er wrapped. Oh, and I will have to check out that store in Hazel Dell - I didn't even know it existed, then again, it was only recently that I moved to the Battle Ground area. Hey, do they have instructional videos/manuals on rod building at Ordella's?

VancouverFisher said: they have instructional videos/manuals on rod building at Ordella's?

Their rod building supplies are basic so I suspect you will have to go to Woodland for instructional materials.

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