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Howdy gang,

Do any of you know a good way of gluing together sheets of closed-cel foam? I want to tie some bugs with a double layer of foam, but none of the glues I have work well. I've tried rubber cement, Elmer's spray adhesive, tear mender...and the layers won't stick together. Do you have any special glues or tricks to get this to work?

Thanks for your help!



Jerry Daschofsky

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Find the phone number for "Industrial Rubber". Not sure if they're still in business or not. But my mom used to work for a furniture manufacturer in Kent years ago, and then worked at Serta. They used a spray that would bond pieces of foam together. You can try a fabric shop, but this stuff isn't usually used by the everyday craft person. They'd use it to bond odd shaped seats where they literally couldn't effectively cut out of one piece of foam. Not sure of the name of the stuff. But if you looked them up (or Rex Peggs) they should be able to lead you into the right direction. But it's a spray foam adhesive and this stuff STICKS. If this stuff doesn't work, I don't know what will. Not sure if Industrial Rubber or Rex Peggs is still around. Know that my Mom used to get all her stuff there (she did alot of work at home as "side jobs" for the companies she worked for). So she'd stop by and pick up stuff. I just remember how well that stuff held.


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Try Aquaseal, the wader repair stuff. Found that to work when tying some hopper patterns. Coat both sides and let it tack up then press together.



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The best I have found is 3M Super 77 spray adhesive. You can get it at Office Depot, Office Max, etc. This stuff is the best there is, but don't expect to reposition, once stuck is forever stuck. Great for foam for flies because it is flexible and easy to use.


Jeremy Husby

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iagree aquaseal works great on foam. . . .but if you can get your hands on industrial foam glue, GET IT, I have one can left I use on closed cell for the armour I make, helm liners mostly and that crap never comes off, once in place the only way to get rid of it is to burn it off. I made the mistake of using it on my canoe, made some foam knee pads and stuck them on, :( they are beat on now and I want to replace them but I can't get them off bawling:

Jerry Daschofsky

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Yeah, 3m makes some too. But the industrial grade which I was talking about is same as Jeremy is talking about. This stuff fuses foam together. If 3M has some at officedepot, I'd just get that. That'll work too. Probably easier to work with (the industrial stuff is VERY sticky).


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Thanks for the advice guys--I'll pick up some of the industrial grade 3M stuff and will let you know how it goes. I'll give good ol' Aquaseal a try, too. Next to duct tape, Aquaseal is the greatest stuff around...never leave home without it!

I appreciate your help and will post some pictures of my multi-layer foam flies when the problem is solved...

Several years ago a professional tyer coached me on how to tie laminated hoppers. Because I hadn't done it before I just did what he told me. He said not to use glue but thin, double sided tape. I used it and it worked fine. It never even dawned on me to try the glue after that. I tied a few dozen of those bugs three summers ago and I'm getting low. I would be curious to know how the glue works in comparison to the tape if anyone has tried it. I'll try it later this spring.

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