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Hi all. I've seen several "Beginners" fly swaps here. I tried to get in on 2 or 3, but was always too late...always beat out by a fellow "beginner" :p who's already submitted flies in 42 other "beginner" fly swaps over a 3 year time span. I'm just wondering when a person stops being considered a "beginner". Half those flies look like they're tied by certified Orvis tying instructors. :p Ok, these comments are intended in fun, only because I'm jealous due to my sloooowww learning curve, but nonetheless.
SO....I'd like to do a 1st Timer's swap. If you've EVER submitted flies in a swap before...FORGEDDABOUDIT!!! If you've ever sold flies before...FORGEDDABOUDIT!!! If you're a certified Orvis Tying Instructor or have any fly-tying books authored by you...FORGEDDAB....ok you get the point. If you think you tie one UGLY-ass fly, then I want you! In fact let's rename this the "Ugly-Ass Fly Swap"...uhhh on second thought maybe that won't fly. So 1st Timer's Swap it is. The idea, of course is to draw out the hidden talent of our true beginners who've been intimidated by the quasi-beginners. I do, in all seriousness expect some great flies, except mine, which more than likely, will truly be ugly...even as ugly as my first wife. Oooohhh. :eek:
So let's have it. Who wants in? I'm one.
If one of the oldtimers (REE?) wants to take on the swapmeister role, you can most certainly have it (PLEEEAAASE?). If not, I'll take it on. I'm pretty good at organizing stuff, I just suck at tying flies.
Ready, set, go!


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Bob-- Mr. Tundra has higher "standards" apparently than fish dawgs like us.He evidently traded "up"

I can remember days in AK when the halibut started gettin pretty blue eyes,, :thumb: :cool:

Sorry Buddy. I have two months to go on the Marathon Swap and that has me pretty busy. I only like to run one swap at a time.

Sounds like a fun swap though. I'm sure there are some others out there that are itching to get some experience tying for a swap.

Bob Triggs said:
I didnt think she was so "ugly"...did you Davy? :confused:
:rofl: :rofl: I'm sure plenty o' guys out there would know. And yes, I had the wisdom to trade-up. After 10 years of barely providing the minimal, routine maintenance, the new model still runs like a dream and is always dependable. I don't even feel the need to shop around for trade-ins anymore.

Ron Eagle Elk, Thanks anyway. Thought I'd offer out of respect. Not that I'm really do anything new that you haven't done already -just trying to lure some of the more hesitant folks (like me) into action.

Takers?.....hmmmm Davy Earl, yeah you had some pretty nasty looking flies, we'll take you....NOT!! You can sure run it if you want? Or post the Pics? Or maybe you could enter if you like promise to tie only using your toes and teeth, or some kind of a suitable handicap. ;)


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Thx CMT,was just jokin, I would run it and take pics, but am I tying in a swap currently elsewhere,I am doing a fly plate as well as need to tye about 2 dozen flys for other guys I have promised flys to.Like, Jerry, and Jeremy, and Dave, and Bud and................ :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

Ah hell, I'll do it . Never have, maybe REE can give me pointers for being a swapmeister :beathead:

Not like I have a job or anything, :rofl:

talk later, davy
Sweeet!! -and I was just kidding about the nasty flies, of course.
Was that a for real, serious decision? I'd proudly call you swapmeister.

Of course, if there are no takers this'll be a real easy swap to "meister". I'll just tie a baker's dozen flies, and you can mail them back to me. :rofl:

Nahh, I'm sure we'll get some interest...probably after the weekend. Now I'm all excited & giddy with anticipation.

I'll help in whatever way you need. I've never done this either, but I figure if REE can do it then, .....ahhh I'd better not go there. :p
Thanks, thanks, thanks. Talk to you soon.
OK, I'm in. Since Randy is twisting my arm. I should qualify for the UAF (ugly ass flies) catagory. I just started tying a couple of months ago and have never been in a swap. Any particular type or "dealers choice"?


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how beginner do you have to be? My 8 year old son has been tying for about 6 months. He really knows how to tye buggers and mickey finn's, so if these are ok he would like to join in. If these are not ok let me know and I can help or teach he some different ones.
gridkid and son, Arik
Could we get a consensus on the type of fly for the swap? -Swapmeister, please feel free to weigh-in here.

I'm happy to leave it wide open to whatever type of fly the tyer (tier?) wants to tie. But, if folks want to limit it to say, streamers, or drys, or steelhead flies, etc...that'd be fine by me too. What's everyone think?

Gridkid, are you in on this, or just your son, Arik? That'll make it 3 or 4 people...off to a good start. BTW -I'd love to have Arik show me up in this swap. As long as: He isn't a certified Orvis Tying Instructor; He doesn't have any Fly Tying books authored by him, and he's never entered a swap before. Fair enough?

Islander, welcome aboard...."UAF" heeeheee, love those acronyms. :rofl:

I'm piping in here a lot, but of course, I'll defer all these decisions to the honored "Swapmeister" , Davy Earl. :thumb:

Matt Smith

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I'm In Too! I've only been tying a few months and this sounds great. Let me know what type of flies you need. Here's an idea for the swap. Everyone needs to learn one new fly for this swap in addition to one they feel comfortable with. This will give people the chance to branch out a bit and try something new.


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Ok, I woke up finally after a , well after,,...... :thumb: nevermind,

I like Passman' idea, but heres my grand dilusion; :ray1:

I was thinking you all each tye your favorite fly,( or you could all agree to sumthin) I will keep things in order as they come in and when the flys are sent out I will make sure the fly I tye is the one matching what each person sent in--only in the way I would tye it ,ofcourse.

So each person would get pack a fly from each participant plus my version of what they sent in.

How does that sound to you guys, this is your swap I am merely at your service, :rolleyes:

If we did two flys,well, that would put some strain on me to tye that many unless we stretch the time frame out quite a bit. :beathead: :beathead: :beathead: :beathead:

What do we need for time 6 weeks? 4 weeks? 8 weeks?

As way of a suggestion I would recommend like a deerhair caddis (not EHC), you get tailing,palmering,dubbing,ribbing,winging,and head formation skills.

Not sure where you all are in your tying.

Can we get 12 takers?

off to get aspirin,


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