Swap 1st Timer's Swap?

Davy Earl said:
I was thinking you all each tye your favorite fly"..."I will keep things in order as they come in and when the flys are sent out I will make sure the fly I tye is the one matching what each person sent in--only in the way I would tye it ,ofcourse. Davy
I like the favorite fly concept...especially since you're throwing in a nice kicker. I agree, 2 flies might be a little much for a 1st Timer' Swap, one is fine by me. (BTW-Davy, ignore the PM response I sent you a few minutes ago. I sent it before I read these posts, & I think your newest post & the responses pretty much handle the details we PM'd about.)

As for time-frame, I'm OK with a month. Does anyone need longer? Speak up if you do.

Craig-yes, they'll be fishable wiseguy ;)

...looks like we might be at 7 :thumb:


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Ok :)

So ,favorite fly X participants ( currently that would be 7 flies each) *I only 5 but others say 7*

I will keep track as things come in and and will tye a like pattern that will be returned along with each participants fly's

Be nice to get twelve tyers for an even dozen selection of flys plus mine

Really the only "rules" are you have to a true begining tyer, no former swap participation, only maybe a few weeks tying under your belt, or even a week on the other end is fine as well.

There are "no" bad flys

As you tye I suggest you put each fly,in order, in foam so when you are done you can review them and see your "learning curve" from #1 to done.


Leave it open until the 10th of March or 5 more tyers which ever comes first

Due date to me is the 10th of April ( please feel free to be early getting them to me)

Please put toe tags on the hooks with your name and fly name

Enclose return postage and mailer for your fly assortments to be sent back ( Altoids tins are good for this)

I will post pics of all- unless specifically requested not to

We all know about volunteering, :beathead: :beathead:

I am happy to do this,

I look forward to all your work,

Happy Tying



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not so hard,!!!!!! I have " bone issues" you know :beer2: :beer2:

It will be almost summer when this is done so maybe for the somewhat local participants we can have a streamside picnic or sumthin, huh?

Maybe Mr.Triggs would show us a beach to have this on and we could fish too ??

that might get my wife and me over there Mr. Triggs ( hint hint) with Olives even

We are in for this one. My son Tanner who is 8, my wife who is ??, and I just finished our tying class at "The Shop" otherwise known as All About The Fly, with Backyard. :beer2: The class was a great time and this will be a fun way to keep up on tying what we learned. Just don't expect a size 22 parachute adams out of us. :eek: Yard tied one that I thought was pretty cool. Anyway put us down for 3 slots. Everyone wants to tie some flies for this.



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With Sinktips wife joining the action we now have 8 , and still a perhaps 10 :cool: :cool: :cool:


P.S. Sheesh ! I don't want you to submit a #22 Adams--then I would have to tye one as well :thumb: :thumb:

Perhaps I should clarify the "any" part of favorite fly

I would expect most of your flies to be "beginning " type style flies.

Standard style and size steelhead,salt,trout dry's & wets,nymphs and streamers,some panfish patterns but don't expect much out of me for such flys, :rofl:

If you want to submit a #22 Adams fine, but jeez guys, take pity on the swapmeister allright? bawling: bawling:

thank you all

Count me in too.
I'll do either bullet type salmon/steelhead hairwing on tube or just something on tube ;)
Just announce how many people so I know how many flies should I tie.


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Ok lets see....

1. Cmtundra
2. Islander
3. Grid Kid
4. CraigMTB
8.Tanner ( Sinktips son)
9.Monique ( Sinktips better half)
10. John James
11. Romko

Ok , Mr Tundra was checkin to see about someone so until we hear about him/them this is now closed, you just made it Romko !!

12 or maybe 13 depending on info from Tundra, cool!

a dozen or a bakers dozen
I'll join in if there is still room. Thus far my tying experience is limited to a handfull of buggers and a couple other easy things. Sounds like I need to learn something new.
Davy Earl said:
Sheesh ! I don't want you to submit a #22 Adams

Perhaps I should clarify the "any" part of favorite fly

I would expect most of your flies to be "beginning " type style flies.

Leave it to me to need clarification already. :confused:

If I could tye a #22 adams then believe me, it would be a beginning style. Not to worry though I could barley tye one on a size 8. bawling: bawling:

Here is a pic of Backyards #22 with my larger attemt in the background. :eek:
Looks like this swap is off and running. :beer2: :beer2:



Davy, the folks I was waiting to hear from were Gridkid & son, Arik. I noticed you had Gridkid on your list, but I haven't heard anything back from them. So (unless you have heard from them), please feel free to add a couple people that want to enter. No need to wait around since it looks like we've got enough interest.
Sorry for any confusion there. :confused:

Since I already have a dozen moose hair nymphs tied...and that'd be cheating probably, I'll go with a chartreuse bunny streamer for salmon (coho killer :thumb: )....it could be good for steelies too, but I wouldn't know about that yet bawling:


Can I join? I've done 2 swaps total, and been tying for about a year, I'm not beginner but I'm also no expert, I mostly tie saltwater stuff or tubes. What I'd like to do is join and tie a pattern I've never tied before, I'd like to tie some adult skwala dries since I always end up buying those, would be good practice and a learning experience for myself :)

Let me know if I can participate.