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cmtundra said:
I've got 8 done, however, I've changed flies. I decided to go with something more traditional & something I haven't tied before.......so my new fly for the swap will be a #16 Elk Hair Caddis -as long as the honorable swapmeister has no problems with that.

Besides, I want to see if Davy Earl can tie an Elk Hair Caddis....you see I have a sneaking suspiscion that he doesn't remember how to tie anything without junglecock cheek or feathers from some other rare, almost certainly near extinction, tropical bird species! :rofl: :rofl: uhhh....kidding of course.
:hmmm: ....hmmmm....a junglecock caddis? .....I may be onto something. :hmmm:
Maybe you were kidding,,, but..................?????




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I PMD'eed the address to ibn, everyone else have it? please be sure to include return postage and mailer- I am poor you know, I spend all my meal money on bird feathers and gin. (they're not bad with enough tabasco and curry on them) :beathead: :beathead: :beathead:

Go tye ! jeez

Davy Earl said:
Maybe you were kidding,,, but..................?????

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: ...how'd I know I was gonna see a pic of a junglecock caddis? :rofl: I suspected you wouldn't be able to resist the opportunity. Just remember, I want some royalties off the millions you make on that fly.

Cool lookin' fly though. :thumb:

As for my ever-so-humble, non-tropical, caddis flies -they're DONE BABY!!
I'm headin' to the PO shortly. Hmmm, I wonder if I should fedex? -nah, too poor.


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IC,,,, I've been hoodwinked again !!!!!!!!!!! thats a good way not to win the bonus you know!! ( remember, evil here)

Mr. Tundra this Saturday = "gee davy, did my package get there yet?" Davy= "package from you? I've seen no stinkin package from you yet" ,,,,, mean time all other packages have arrived ,,,Davy 3 weeks later = " Oh gee !!! Look whats been lying on the bottom of our "really" big mailbox, it's Mr. Tundra's caddis flys ! :thumb:

Unfortunatly Mr. ibn got the bonus and your package just sat there :( :( :( :( :( :(

See. I told you ----- EVIL , huh?

thanks on that though, by golly I think someone might find it in they're basket.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



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No, small hooks, I couldn't see anything on the water smaller than an 18. 14 is about right for not to bright planted fish in a lake. They'll also work good on any holdovers in late fall and early spring too. I can't recall the official name of the fly, I got the recipie from some fly magazine, and I changed the hackle to partridge so I guess for now the Lowland Lake Emeger is good enough.

My first clue was the similarity between the acronyms, "WFF" & "WWF"....one's just as fake as the other!!!

Now, I hope I haven't gone & offended any World Wrestling Federation fans by comparing that noteworthy, professional athletics association to this sham here. At least those guys get paid for their rigged competitions! What do I get? Not a thing except strained eyeballs from hours at the tying (aka coffee) table!!!! :mad:

What's a guy to do? 1st screwed by the IRS & now this. Bad enough I'll be getting radiation poisoning from some of these flies.

I'm goin' to pour a drink! That's what I'll do. You all keep an eye out for your flies in local fly shops, maybe even AK fly shops. I'm bettin ole' "Swap"meister Davy is running some kind of black-market fly operation here under the guise of an innocent swap! The travesty!...picking on beginners like us....FIRST-timer's even! My innocence is lost. I'll never be able to trust a swapmeister again. I feel so...so...violated. bawling:

Oh well, nuffa' that, I'm off for that drink now. :beer1:
PS-My flies have flown. Now, it's all down to whose mailman is the fastest. I slipped my mailman a 20 note today & bought him a new pair o' Nike's. There's your inside tip, the smart money's on me. -all except for the possible rigging at higher levels. I'll grease the wheels there a little too, if ya know what I mean Hee hee.

Pssst!...Davy, now what kinda scotch to ya' like?

Matt Smith

On the river Noyb
I got one more done last night, now I'm up to four! Hopefully I cand crank another one out tonight and some more this weekend.
Hey Davy, is there a surprise for the person who gets them to you the slowest? :clown:
PassMan said:
is there a surprise for the person who gets them to you the slowest? :clown:
I kinda' like the practice of giving a prize to the person who finishes exactly in the middle. That always gives the rear guard something to push for.

DAVY- BTW, I did send 2 extra flies; the bunny streamers I originally said I was going to tie. Do with them what you will. Perhaps send them to the tyer who submits the last flies, as a punishment for dragging his feet. Kinda' like sending black roses. -In all honesty though, my bunny streamers have been proven in battle.....as for my EHC's, I have no idea.

ok, so I'm rambling. Just finished off a bottle of Merlot so I'm feeling warm and rosy....and startin' to get pissed because I keep havin' to go back and fix a thousand and one type-O's. c'yall, & good night.


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I had a nice sweet late harvest Reisling(Hogue) with dinner and watched the news with some Glenliven 18.(hint) :beer1:

But I am mostly a martini guy-(or rum) with different kinds of olives.Gotta have my nutrition.

I guess the truth is the first will get a bonus but I think all will recieve surprises. :thumb:

Back door operation? I saw th .... nevermind, gotta keep this G .... :rofl:

As far as pouring a drink-- I will drink to that! :beer2:

I need the Nikes more than your mail carrier- my puppies have eaten all mine and we allready discussed my financial situation. :hmmm:

Oh and you may want to discuss Nikes with Sinktip-- unless you shipped next day air-- he called and may hand deliver his today ! My mail gets here at around 11 though so you may have a chance ! :thumb: Hey- what can I say? I am not sure if he is delivering his, and Tanners and Moniques or just his.

You all have put in some hard work and I am at your service.Every audit I have been through has concurred that I run a fair and square back door operation. :cool:

I did have a sore back today though and may be atleast one hour late getting to the mailbox. :rofl: (in my pajamas)

Thanks to all. :)


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I was going to hand deliver them also. But as for my tying I can't seem to stay at it long enough to get anything done.. I'm up to five done and one hanging in the vise. Can't finish as I'm going out the door fishing in a little bit. Will get done this weekend as I don't fish to often on weekends anymore.



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Well ,well ,well... as someone once said in some picture show- "It looks like we have a predicament"

I received IBN's and CMTundra's fly in todays mail- man these are gonna fish good in So.America ! Those searun browns oughtta love these Skwalas !!!! J/K. :thumb:

Mail lady is not sure but she thinks since IBN's was on top then Tundra's would have been first .(She is blonde though so who knows ?) ( I had quite few packages today- stuff for my fly orders) . :confused:

That being said- I took IBN's out of the mailbox before Tundras , hmmmm :hmmm:

On top of that I had no sooner got in my garage with my arms full here comes Sinktip driving up with his and Moniques patterns. :hmmm: :beer1:

And I might add he he tried to bribe me with cheeseburgers but forgot the beer so he is out of the running. No beer, no consideration . :thumb: He had a couple of pretty darn neat kids with him though.... but that doesn't excuse showing up with no beer.

Thats when I really started thinking South America though......I mean, I now had 4 dozen flys.And since you all figured this was a backdoor ,shady ,no good operation I might as well go along with that thinking.....right ? :thumb:

Ok , I am not that low. ;) ;) ;)

Well, to be honest both IBN's and Tundras are a a tie for first since there is no time stamp on the postmark.

If you somehow have changed your opinions of me and now believe I am an honest joe I will have my wife flip a state quarter ( Iowa) - I need you two to decide which side of the quarter you want-- see???? Fair and balanced-- you decide!! :thumb: :rofl:

Let me know what you decide- I will report the results in a fair and timely matter-- LOL , soon as I get back from So. America.

I'll get some pictures posted soon of a few choice deliveries.

Heres what I did this morning, something I call "Easter Candy" still have to add wings and throats and sides and such but...

Wanted to make sure you all were'nt slaving away alone.

cheers to all



I'm happy to defer, but if a coin toss is what's in order maybe your wife (being the honest lady you say she is) can pick heads or tails for me. I'd be honored if she did.

"Easter Candy" eh? Nice as always. What's the tail? Is the red & black one feather, or two separate?
Word of caution Davy, this is the great state of Washington. Determining who really is the legally true winner of Davy's kicker prize could take months. Whoever the loser turns out to be, is sure to bring his team of lawyers to the state supreme court and demand at least 3 different recalculations of postmarking procedures, delivery times, P.O. Branch hours of operations, and postal carrier-to-postal customer ratios by zip code -to ensure absolutely fair representation for all parties (but especially mine). The goobernatorial race, re-race, and re-re-race will have nothing on us!

Well I gotta go and get Johnny Cochran on the phone now.

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Well Davy,I thought that I had your address but I don't so when I get them done I'm gonna just have to go and fish them as I don't know where to send them to. :rofl: . Just what I need,14 more useless flies to add to my boxes. :rofl:


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