Dry Falls Meeting Update?

James Mello

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Backyard said:
Yup... unless 10 people vote for the weekend of the 15th by 7:49 PM tonight.
So do we have a roster for this yet? Or do we need to let the organizers know if we are coming and which dates?

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Old Man

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I hate rosters. I feel if you are coming you will be there the days you said you were coming. And if you don't come when you say you are, you will get a bashing on the site. Besides if too many don't show up I will have the lake somewhat to myself. And I need lots of space after eating CHILI and BEER. ptyd ptyd ptyd ptyd

So, if this is suposed to start on the 22, does that mean anyone will be there on Friday the 22 to fish or just show up that night? I can make it for Friday but have to start a four night stretch of 12hr nights on Saturday night at work so I have to be home Sat morning to sleep all day. :eek: Can't fish all day and work all night anymore. :hmmm:
I will be there friday night if possible. Where can I get info on the camp sites or is it just show up and what ever pleases you, you take? Is the a certain spot where everybody is going to meet up?

Zen Piscator

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I will probably be coming up thrusday or friday night with stripedbass44, Hopefully thursday. BTW, does anyone have an extra toon or tube they could bring for Striper?



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Checking the calender as we speak. The wifey and I should be able to make it. Put some back bacon on the fire. I may have a few FishBC members in tow so look for the people with toques. :rofl:


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Zen, I'll bring an extra 'toon but you will have to scrounge a set of fins - my pal Ron lost them last year.

Last year we camped at the first area on the left between the main road and the golf course. Seemed to work fine as we were separated from most of the others.

Plan to head out that way on Friday myself though at this time I am unsure if it will be Friday morning or Friday evening. It depends on if my fishing partner needs to work that day or not. Looking forward to this event again. Good fishing and stories and I seem to learn some new fly tying things each year at it. :thumb:

Jay Allyn

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Ok. So here's the deal. I haven't been following the forum closly the past month or so and sadly this is the first I've read about this. On top of that, I'm a lazy teenager and only read the first couple posts on the thread about the meeting. What can I say. :confused:

So anyway. Could somebody give me a brief overview of the main points that have been descided in Backyard's the thread? Just the finner points is all I'm asking.

I'd like to be able to go, probably can talk my friend Addicted_2_Fishing to go too. I'll see what happens, maybe I'll pay more attention from now on.

Bob Triggs

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Fishingjunky15, NO!

No one is going to update you on anything!

Get your little fingers walking and work your way through the topic and figure it out.

Not that difficult.

And you can do it.

lazy Punk! :mad:

It's a good thing I love yah kid :rofl:

Uncle Bob :cool:
Since this will be my first trip up, what kind of gear should I be looking at bringing ie.. floating line or sinking, and what type of flies?

Old Man

Just an Old Man
If you are like me,Just bring everything you own. That way you have all things covered. Besides you are in a known group. At least your gear will be somewhat safe.