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It could be worse - I'm still picking-out slivers incurred during the "seemingly endless summer of home projects & remodeling activities" . . .
Sounds like every time I go musky fishing. I can't keep those things on my hook to save my life.
interestingly, they were on hooks I've never used before (a straight J-hook) vs the Gami's that I typically tie on. Plus I only strip set once as opposed to my standard 3-5 times to make sure that thing is stuck in there...I was cursing at myself for that...


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Sounds like some great fishing. Our last 3 day outing produced zip for follows and only one sighting, fish lazily rolled a few hundred feet from us. They are there..

Friends just home from same location, have not heard yet how they fared. I'm hoping to get back for at least one more session.

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