Steelhead report, and finally some fish!

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Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
I hit up a local creek/river yesterday and finally got into some fish. I decided to go alone, because it seems like i tend to get skunked for steelhead when im out with other people. I needed to catch some fish. The flows around Walla Walla are really hurting, but the warm water seems to have woken fish up. I fished for 4 hours, and landed 2 fish, both bucks, 25 and 27 inches. Both fish were very well colored but didn't fight like it. The first fish came on a sz 6 pink glo bug, and the 2nd on a purple sz 4 spring creek special. Its been a few months since a had a day like this, so i was freaking out when i hooked the first one. It gave me a jump that made the hours on the river and leaking waders worth it, 5 times over. Here are the pics, enjoy.



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Thanks for showing the picture of the fish on the stick. It reminds us of two things. 1) keeping a fish to eat every once in a while is acceptable 2) hatchery brats are better in a frying pan or smoker or barbeque than on the spawning redds. Nice pics and report buddy.
how'd they taste?


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"they'll smoke up just fine"


Nicely done. You are a much better fly fisherman than I was at your age...(possibly even at this age :clown: )


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Good job Zen master! Only two root balls in that drift? Every fish I've hooked this winter on the Samish has dove right into those. When I get the film done I'll post some pictures of some real snag holes. No fish though, they'll still be in the snags.

Zen Piscator

Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
They were quite tasty. The only redd they saw was that of the bbq coals :D .

I dont think it is only roots that fish orent to, around here i usually pick up steelies in water that has some sort of cover, be it deep water, pocket, wood, or rocks, it doesnt seem to matter as long as it is there. I have also caught 2 steelie behind a deer carcas in about 3 feet of water.



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shot a bunch of roosters and even some ducks and geese off that river before.
Nice going on the steelies... i might have to get back down that way for some fishing. :thumb:

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