Seeps lake? Lenore? Lenice? Somewhere in Oregon? Need a place to go...


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Hello all,

Two of my buddies and I are looking for a place to go fishing/camping on the eighteenth of this month. We plan on going for at least three nights and four days.

Where would you guys recommend. We like to camp where we can be as loud as we want (ie drinking) but be able to get some quality fishing in.

Oh and one of the guys is a gear fisherman.

All your ideas help.


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Quincy wildlife area or potholes\seep lakes area are bait\gear friendly (for the most part) and offer plenty of camping options. There are usually a few camps in each area with loud and obnoxious drunk guys - so you guys sound like you'll fit right in ptyd

(just clean up after yourselves...)

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Check out the John Day River in Eastern Oregon if something different (like smallmouth bass) appeals to you. I've been researching it for a spring trip. What I'm reading says that this time of year is when the biggest bass are caught while the most are caught during the summer months. There is good information about the area on the internet and there is at least one float guide that has been published.

Good luck :) :)


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the John Day can be a blast. I jhave never fished it thsi early but we do float trips down it during the summer and there are lots of smallies in there.
chadk has some good points. You are also a short drive to Lake Lenice which would be a day well spent. I saw some folks camping out in their RV's in the parking lot and a few camping in tents besides the parking lot. There is an outhouse at the trail head, but that's about it.



A day not spent wasted is.....wasted.
Sounds like potholes resivoir it is. Maybe on the way home we can hit rocky ford as well. I have never been there and it seems like it would be a blast. Thanks for all of the suggestions. The john day river sounds interesting, maybe we will hit that the next weekend. I have almost two weeks off so I do have some time.

Thanks again and we always pack out what we pack in.



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Mar Don Resort has a little store that will sell you a nice map of the seep lakes area. If you don't have one, stop by and pick one up. There are lots of lakes to explore - some (often the better ones) are hike in and many others you can drive to.


A day not spent wasted is.....wasted.
Thanks Chadk. I saw the Mardon resort at the sportsman show in Monroe and that is where I got the idea to go to that area. Your right a map is key in that area and I guess the trout fishing can change substatially from lake to lake and from year to year.

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I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone recommend the Lower Deschutes. You can camp at several different primative campgrounds (w/outhouses). You can fish one of the best rivers in the West for steelhead and large, feisty native redside rainbows. IMO, It is a superior river to the John Day unless you're interested in bass. The McKenzie is another great trout river with some good camping.
sea said:
I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone recommend the Lower Deschutes.
I'll second that. I'll bet you could have Mack's Canyon darn near to yourself this time of year and if you did, it could be an awesome venue.

I love the river but I've gotten tired of the intense regulation of the lower Deschutes. A guy would at least have to be prepared to put up with it and these guys wanted to drink and be loud. Maybe it wouldn't be a problem this time of year. Maybe it would. On a float trip last spring, in one day, we had 3 enforcement dudes, each from a different jurisdiction, come through our camp checking things. Over 4 days, we didn't have one day where no one checked. That plus the cost of the permits (Oregon license, boaters pass, Warm Springs Indian permit) is what drove us to start checking out the John Day.

Don't get me wrong - I will be back on the Deschutes this year because there is nothing like it. But be prepared - it is what it is and it may not be what these guys are looking for.


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I would just no stay at the resort if I were you. There are many places to "boondock", if you didnt need any trailer hookups.


A day not spent wasted is.....wasted.
Huh, the Mckenzie, Elwah and the lower deschutes. All sound good. I was hoping to stay in state to get more fishing time in. My fishing buddies just want some solitude and some drinking. I would preferably spend all my time either fishing eating or sleeping.

How is the upper deschutes? I would love to see some of those redsides. I am trying to make this trip as cheap as possible and it sounds as if I would need two more licenses for the lower deschutes. I mean if its less than fifty bucks I could do it.

Where is the Elwah river located? I've heard of it before but never looked it up.

Thanks for all the great imput. I love this site.

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