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I know there are a couple active lenore posts right now but I've got a little bit of a different question. I want to take my kids over in our row boat this weekend- probably Sunday. I took them over last fall and fished the south end trolling with buggers and had enough action (around a bite every 30 minutes or so) to keep em interested. I've never fished lenore in the spring. I was wondering- can we fish the south end with buggers and expect to do as well or do should we fish the north end. Also, it sounds like it is mostly a chironomid thing which is harder to do with kids I think. Is it possible to troll aroung the north end or is it too crowded and should we try chironomid fishing if we head up there to the north end?

I am not a Lenore expert by any means, but my experience is that the woolly-bugger trolling is not quite as hot in the spring as it is in the fall. It can still work, and sometimes it might even be the ticket, but generally you are right; chironomids provide most of the action early in the spring. However, the kids should be able to handle soaking chironomids under bobbers, and on some days the action can be reasonably hot (try varying depths between the bottom and mid water-column), and involve less rowing for you. If this can bring a fish aboard every 10-15 minutes or so (not an entirely unreasonable expectation), the kids should stay happy. (If you fish the south end, you can break things up by landing and claiming the island for your band of boodthirsty corsairs.)

As far as south-end north-end goes, I have no idea. I'm always partial to the south end, and I see guys down there in the spring, but what passes for conventional wisdom among anglers does seem to hold that the north end is for spring and the south end for fall. As far as the actual trolling goes, it's the same more or less on either end, wind and crowds being equal.

Good luck.
You can probably catch them anywhere around the shoreline. I caught everything Sunday in less than 5 feet of water, no more than 50 feet from the shore. Trolling black leeches and wooly buggers should work. An occasional strip would probably help.
You are going to have trouble trolling around the north end, especially in a boat. There are so many guys out soaking chironimids that you will have trouble maneuvering around them. Maybe during midweek you could get away with it, but certainly not on the weekend.

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Dr Mike,

One note:

Properly fitted life vests for all participants at all times on the water. Including and especially yourself. period!

Go catch a big one!

Love yah buddy. :thumb:


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Mike - if you want the kids to have more fun on lower quality fish, Burke and Quincy lakes are fishing well and you don't have the weed problem like Lenore is having (especially for trolling). Plus watch out for the wind on Lenore and bring sunscreen for the kids.

If you hit burke or quincy, tip a small woolly bugger with a peice of worm for your kids and you'll have a hard time focusing on much else besides helping them land fish. Works great for the little guys\girls who get bored quickly...

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