Looks like Summer to me.

Weather guesser said we could expect more 80 degree days, so maybe I will try to meet up with some Big Mouth bass. Not certain poppers are a wise choice in broad daylight. BUT, when the sun goes out tomorrow, maybe........?


Hope for a cloudy day or plan on using the poppers late in the evening.

I've been trying poppers during the direct sunlight of mid-day with no success. I know from experience if I stay to dusk that the LMB will start to look up and hit poppers but usually, I'm long gone by then.

I've lost most of my private access to farm ponds, lakes and sloughs but when I had the access, I'd fish one of the private spots for bass after work during the week and then switch over to trout for the weekends. Fishing for LMB after work with poppers as the light grew dim was quite rewarding.

Those were the good ol' days. Bass during the week, trout/salmon/steelhead/src on the weekend.

Days long gone.

Unless it is cloudy, evening fishing with poppers for bass is usually the best approach this time of year.

Jim Ficklin

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Yesterday marked the first day in several months that I didn't run the AC at least for part of the day. Even though it got up to 77 in the house by late afternoon, I refrained from turning it on just because. It cooled-down quickly enough after sundown. It spit just enough rain the other morning to get water-spot my rigs, but it smelled good while it lasted. With everything that went on this summer, I forgot how to fish but I/ve become very adept at removing slivers:rolleyes: . . .


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Spring rain looms and we cry for sun. Sun comes and we cry for rain. Funny how that works! First cloudy day I see is about to be jumped on.
Amen! I whined and complained and cried and moaned about all the snow last winter and oh my, do I miss clouds, rain, cool, clean and smoke free air. But I really don't miss the snow.


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Get this stuff away from me!! Autumn is the time of year I move, travel, find new scenes, do spur of the moment things. Cool sunny fall weather makes me antsy!

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