Float tube prep!

Adam Saarinen

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sketch-1503597207983.png Dragged my tube out of the shed today, haven't used it since end of spring! sketch-1503597239568.png It's the Drifter Evolution with Oars from Guideline, also have the standard Drifter! Over a year ago I priced a pontoon cos' i wanted to get further & save time? The price was 1000euros from the brand with Cat in the name, that was never gonna happen! This had just come out & cost about a third of the price! This & my other one both have a inner & outer bladder on each side, sit higher than their first model! When you row & pull the handles to you, there is a feeling like you are being pulled out of the seat, but it's just a feeling! sketch-1503597272245.png Important! sketch-1503597296923.png After getting bit in the spring for the first time, i put some band aids & antiseptic wipes in a small flybox for incase I'm fare from shore or the car? sketch-1503597330349.png Drilled a hole & attached this Simms cord thing to this thing I use to get the hook out of pike! Day off work tomorrow & will go out in the sea in the morning, hope it all comes together? But don't mind if I don't catch anything, it's fun! sketch-1503597419315.png Got a few flies on the rack in my van already, ham & cheese rolls are made & in the fridge! ;)

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