NFR Any musicians out there?


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Dropped out of college and played bass in original bands in Seattle mid 90’s through early 00’s. Got burnt out on band drama and reprioritized. Finished college, went to grad school, got married, had kids, got established in my profession (Fish Bio). Funny how working towards a career in natural resources seemed like a cakewalk after years trying to “make it” in music :rolleyes:

About two years ago I was invited to jam with some local hobby bluegrass players. I dusted off my acoustic bass guitar and went to work clearing the mental cobwebs. After a couple months we did a show in town, fundraiser for a school. That went well enough and now we play out whenever we feel like it. The other guys have similar music histories, stable careers, and families. So yeah, we’re a Dad band. I am enjoying this version of band life quite a bit.

I had friends years ago who were all career professionals, doctors mostly, with families, and they dusted off their instruments and voices and became the "Mid-Life Crisis." They were pretty darn good.

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