NFR Any musicians out there?

Travis Bille

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Travis Bille

Active Member
Naw I write and collaborate with a friend a one time member of the Minutemen...and other LA area bands...we do this long distance...Yup we do...we have no allusions of anything though we have a 12 song cd we made I said i just write he does everything else

Here is a short little one...

I changed my mind. I think you collaborate with the guy that plays trumpet on "Project Mersh". Your stuff online (which is great) doesn't sound like Mike Watt on bass.

Am I right??


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Drummer since 1982. I play daily.
Picked up a guitar for the wife last winter.
I've been playing drums almost exactly as long, but certainly not every day. Played in several college bands. None of any note. Loved every second of it. These days, I've mellowed out, and you can find me at church on Sundays, rockin' 4 Jesus.

I've played guitar for over 20 years now, and I still suck, but I love it, too. Music, food, and fishing are all I need.

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
Now that's my kind of picking, @smc - I especially liked "Desolation Angel" but all are good. Photos aren't bad either. Thanks for sharing!

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