NFR Any musicians out there?


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My husband plays drums and i just told him all of these jokes! He wondered where i got them from.


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I was too busy playing baseball to learn an instrument, but I have both my kids at School of Rock Issaquah. My daughter sings and plays keys and my son plays bass. They put on a show about once every three or four months at a club in Seattle. This next show is "Led Zeppelin" at the Hard Rock.


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Adam thanks for sharing the video. Now I understand why time stands still when I get the Led out. Inspires me to go learn another Zeppelin song even though I'm not worthy.


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I play guitar, but I'll never call myself a musician. What keeps me humble is recording myself and then hitting playback.

If I had done that decades ago, I probably would own as many instruments as I do now. GAS can be difficult to control.

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It's their MT. Not the fanciest but dang it sounds and plays nice. By far the highest quality mandolin I've ever owned. I picked it up used. The guy was a very motived seller (needed christmas money?). I'm thinking about taking it up to Collings and having them give it a once over; fret dress, speed neck, bridge/nut work. I'm no luthier and getting the intonation prefect on a floating bridge is beyond my abilities.

Setting the bridge position is not rocket science (but compensating the bridge for perfect pitch--that is). On each string, you fret the string at the 12th fret and using a tuner, you compare that pitch to the pitch of the harmonic played at the same spot on that string. If they're not the same, you move the bridge until they are.

Uncle Stu

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How do you get rid of a musician knocking on your front door?

Pay for the pizza.

(seems to be a theme here...)

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