Swap Oct caddis pupa

john gates

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Hey gents this would be a swap with 7 total participants. Responsible for 2 flies of 1 pattern, 12 total.
Don't be caught on the river with out some pupa as the fish key on the pupa for the longest time of any stage of O.C.
Fast turn around.
Can we tie these in two weeks?
1.john gates- Oct caddis soft hackle my design. https://www.instagram.com/p/BYmkY8_gZQ4/
2.ryan janos
6.coastal cutthroat
7. seattlefarq
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Ryan Janos

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Well, I tied up six last night, so I guess I'm done! I'm not in a rush to get them so if you want to leave it open through the weekend that's fine by me.


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Yea, I'm game to wait to see if a couple others can join. I'll be out of town over the weekend and won't be able to start tying until next week anyways.

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