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Jeremy Floyd

fly fishing my way through life
The current state the the boards are bullshit. Non-fishing douchebag's wag the dog, in a majority of instances. I choose to not be persuaded by those who haven't even the basic skills of fishing, and I absolutely refuse to teach those folks anything I have gathered over a life time.

You get what you allow WFF.

Some of you here have been awesome, and I'll never forget you.

The rest of you can basically cease to exist, as i have. All media is deleted, and I will be working through all of my posts to delete the info, unless I can get a cease and desist put together and filed soon.



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This is disappointing. One thing I've learned in life is that responding with anger is never a good thing and it seems like this is a response from an angry state of mind. Much better to forget about what ever pissed you off and think of the good of this forum and the people you have met, fly ideas, and so on and just ignore the crap and carry on. I'll miss your input. Was hoping to someday go up for a trip.

Jeremy - take a break from the sites that are disappointing you. You have given a lot and helped many - including me.

I too have felt like Jeremy and have done the same thing - wiped my content from a site or two. It felt good for a few flirting moments. Later on I wish I had not done that. I realized I participated (gave) to help others and when I removed the material it hurt me more than others.

Looking back I realized I was getting too involved in the site - usually politics related. Now I just take a break, usually a longer break, to put my site participation back into proper perspective. Later on if you still decide to leave permanently, you will already of gone - no need to look back over your shoulder. Just keep looking forward like you always do...

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