Cooper River

JT Fisher

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Greetings! I'm new to this forum. This topic may exist in an older thread, but I figured I'd throw the question out there...

Has anyone fly fished cooper river (north of lake cle elum) recently? I can't seem to find much information on the interweb. I live in North Bend and fish the Snoqualmie river and it's tributes often (Taylor River and Denny Creek being my two favorite!) but haven't fished the eastside of the Cascades this season. I have fished the cle elum and yakima in years past, but never north of lake cle elum. Just wondering what the river conditions/access are like this time of year and what type of trout are common in that system?

My brother and I plan to camp (17' trailer) overnight in that area, so any camping suggestions would be greatly appreciated as well! Thx!


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Estimated containment date is 10/15. Man will not be putting that fire out is what that statement amounts to.

Check regs as to the seasons their.

Patrick Gould

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Even when it's open it's not my favorite, but that's only because I've had bad luck there, and the rocks are slippery. It's wide and beautiful and looks like it should have more fish. Look for some eastern cascade creeks that don't have as many campgrounds close to them.


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Sounds like you are aware of current fire conditions out there so probably not in the cards this fall.
In general, the Cooper tends to be fairly stingy when it comes to fish. There are brookies, cutts and bows up there and possibly some browns but it doesn't seem to produce a lot of fish. It's a beautiful river and doesn't get a lot of pressure so it's worth exploring in the future when conditions improve. As noted above, it looks fishy, but finding them is a challenge. Plus, the rocks on the riverbed tend to be big and jagged and very slippery so even though it's smaller water, be very mindful while wading. I've not tried the lower section by Salmon La Sac where it meets the upper Cle Elum. I've always gone up to the bridge where you cross the Cooper on the way to the campground up there and work downstream. There is a campground just past the bridge....I think it's called Owhi but you'll need to check what type of pass is needed (Discover or NW Forest Pass). Many people just find a pullout and camp along side the road up there as there are some pretty cool spots.

Sir Homey

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It is rumored there is a waterfall on the river between Cooper and Pete lakes, has anyone actually seen it? Is is closer to Pete lake? I've never scouted that whole section of river between the lakes. But judging from the map it would appear to be closer to Pete lake. Just curious... Thanks

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