FS Lamson Velocity V2 Reel with two extra spools, three lines, two Lamson reel pouches

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Classic Lamson Velocity, V2, fly reel with two additional spools in Excellent + + condition
Sealed drag so it can be used for both Salt and freshwater fishing
All three spools are lined
Also included are two Lamson Reel pouches, velcro closure, can be used to protect the reel even when it is on your fly rod.
On the reel now: Cortland 444 SL Rocket Taper Ghost Tip 15' Clear Sink Tip - perfect for SeaRun Cutties 6wt
Spool 1: Rio Density Compensated Full Sink Type 4 WF6S4 - as you can see - this one may never have been fished!
Spool 2: Orvis Spring Creek WF6F - this is the line that has seen the most use of the three.
Price: $399. includes paypal and conus shipping
I have done a few transactions here, one just completed with SMSNYDER but I have lots of positive feedback as an online seller and can provide proof if you simply send me a PM requesting it.
Bob Lamson front.jpg Lamson front-2.jpg Lamson front-3.jpg Lamson front-4.jpg Lamson front-5.jpg
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