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USPS priority mail has a tracking number automatically landed on the parcel. This is standard practice.

Given the state of our society, I'm confident if one went to the PO where the item was shipped and provided any one of the following, the data can be found:
Senders address
Receiver address
Credit Card or Debit card used for payment

Uncle Sam likes to track things (us) anymore...

Mike Melfa

Question to me was How do you know items were received without a tracking number.....
\My answer was By people sending Private messages like these.....thanks
  1. I got the rod, in perfect condition, today, Mike! Thanks!

    weiliwen, Aug 17, 2017Report

  2. Mike MelfaMember
    Sep 2, 2016
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    WOW. That was fast...... Enjoy.
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Mike Melfa

This is how I know items were received

Hi Mike,
I received the rod today. It looks great. The handle has a little wear and the rod case is a little marked up but the rod itself is in great shape. Out of curiosity, is Mary Ann Dozer who you bought the rod from on Ebay? By the way, you did sell a 3 Tand reel to my neighbor, Greg Ellett. He said he talked with you on the phone quite a bit before and after buying it.

Anyway, good doing business with you.
Thanks, Mike.


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WTF does this have to do with MikeyP's rod?

Just pick up the damn phone, call your son, and have him make this shit right?? Buyer is a ZERO fault yet you keep making excuses and veiled insinuations that MikeyP is at fault in some way.

Do you have MikeyP's tracking number?? No. So why would he or anyone else on this board care that the other rods that were shipped that week got to their happy new owners?
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